Benefits of NetZero Solar

  • We Are Solar Experts:
    Ready to install residential or small business energy systems to help you go green and save money.
  • We install top of the line equipment:
    Providing improved customization to meet your needs.
  • We build customized solutions:
    As we look at what size system we can fit on your roof we do a comprehensive assessment of your electricity & heating use and make recommendations of which products should be used for which applications.


benefits of solar

What We Do

Based in beautiful British Columbia, we’re your go-to solar experts, serving Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Slash energy costs with our sleek solutions, tapping into free sunlight for a cleaner, more profitable future.


Solar energy offers clean, renewable energy for your home. With a solar energy system, you can cut down on your home's electric bills and move toward net zero energy consumption.



We at NetZero Solar are experienced with commercial solar energy projects. We can help you to lower your energy bills and move toward a net zero situation where you are producing as much energy as you are currently using from the grid.


Charging Stations

We install EV charging stations for your home or office that will recharge your electric vehicle.



Personalized Solar Strategy

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Shining Testimonials to Light Up Your Day!

From the initial consultation to permitting to installation and finally solar generation, every step was seamless. We would not hesitate to recommend Prisym [Netzero Solar] Renewable Developments to anyone thinking about installing a net-zero consumption system to improve their home.

- Deb Hardy

I was so pleased with Prisym's [Netzero Solar] expertise, knowledge and speed that the system went up. The results so far this year have been perfect. The solar panels have knocked a big hole in our hydro bill.

- David Erskine

From the initial assessment of our home for a solar installation to the point that our BC Hydro net-metering smart meter began running backwards (indicating that we are now delivering energy into the grid) this was a very positive experience.

- Allen Banner
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