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Transform Your Home: Explore the Long Lasting Benefits of Solar

  • Cost Savings
    • Protect against Rising Energy Rates
    • Eliminate Costly Energy Bills

  • Energy Independence
    • Reduce your Reliance on BC Hydro
    • Contribute to Grid Resilience

  • Boost Home Value
    • Sell Faster for More Money 
    • Greater Interest Level of your Listing

  • Environmental Impact
    • Support a Sustainable Future
    • Reduce Your Energy Footprint

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Discover the breadth of our expertise and the impact of our solutions through the map below, showcasing the diverse projects we've successfully completed. Each pin represents our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in delivering state-of-the-art solar energy solutions.

Complete Service Offerings

Calling British Columbia Home, we are your trusted solar partner, dedicated to responsiveness, quality service, and lasting relationships with our customers.
Transform how you power your home and business with tailored solutions designed to reduce energy costs and harness the sun's abundant energy for a sustainable and resilient future.


Harness clean, renewable energy and reduce your electric bills with our solar systems. Move your home towards net-zero consumption.



NetZero Solar specializes in commercial solar solutions that promote environmental stewardship and ensure compliance with sustainability policies.


Charging Stations

EV charging stations for your home or office, refuelling your commute for the ultimate green driving experience.



Personalized Solar Strategy

Sun Powered Savings, Custom Design for you!

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Shining Testimonials to Light Up Your Day!

From the initial consultation to permitting to installation and finally solar generation, every step was seamless. We would not hesitate to recommend Prisym [Netzero Solar] Renewable Developments to anyone thinking about installing a net-zero consumption system to improve their home.

- Deb Hardy

I was so pleased with Prisym's [Netzero Solar] expertise, knowledge and speed that the system went up. The results so far this year have been perfect. The solar panels have knocked a big hole in our hydro bill.

- David Erskine

From the initial assessment of our home for a solar installation to the point that our BC Hydro net-metering smart meter began running backwards (indicating that we are now delivering energy into the grid) this was a very positive experience.

- Allen Banner
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