About Netzero Solar

We at NetZero Solar care about the planet and the use of clean and renewable energy. As a Victoria, BC, business we strive to offer intelligent energy solutions using high-quality, efficient, and effective materials and business practices.

Through our training and experience in the energy sector, we want to lead the way to cheaper, eco-friendly energy practices for both residential and commercial clients. Every one of our projects are meticulously designed and professionally executed.

When you work with our team at NetZero Solar, you are working with Certified Journeyman Electricians, Certified Energy Advisors and Solar Energy Installation Professionals that carry a diverse and professional skillset.

All of our systems carry a optional 25-year warranty, and we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on installation.



Our Mission is to advance the availability of clean energy in British Columbia through a holistic approach to building energy design, improvement in building performance and thoughtful application of solar energy to reduce the human footprint over time. We are working toward net-zero consumption and the elimination of fossil fuel use for residential, commercial and municipal energy generation and storage.


As individuals, we are all able to make a difference. Our aim is to empower you, the home owners and business owners of BC, to become leaders in environmental sustainability. Our products and services benefit not just our clients, but our communities as well.

Contact NetZero Solar today, and let us talk to you about cleaner, renewable energy for your home or office.

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