Differences between typical residential and commercial solar power setups

April 24th, 2023 in General Solar Panel Power Topics
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Energy needs typically differ between commercial businesses and family homes. To help manage the variations, commercial and residential solar power setups are distinctive for each. These differences are represented in solar panel sizes, efficiency levels and installation challenges.

Commercial and residential solar power setup differences

  • Commercial solar panels are larger
  • Commercial solar panels are more efficient
  • Residential solar panel installations are faster

Commercial energy demands vary considerably. They could be as low as that as that typically required by a residential setup. But generally they’re many times larger, depending on the size of the commercial operation. Think shopping centres, factories, hospitals, government buildings and office blocks, for example. Commercial enterprises like IKEA, Walmart and Costco are large businesses that use commercial solar setups to successfully power their operations.

Because the needs of commercial solar power in Victoria tend to be greater than residential needs, and commercial buildings have more room to work with, their solar panels are larger and more efficient (by about 2%). Additionally,  commercial roofs are usually flat or have only a low slope. This makes installation easier. However, because there’s so much more to put together, they take longer to install, sometimes weeks.

Residential roofs are generally smaller but most have significant slopes that make installation more challenging. Despite this, these setups are much faster to install, taking only days. Residential solar panels are smaller to fit the space available, however a homeowner could choose to use commercial panels if they had the room. Pricing is per kilowatt generated, which makes the systems comparable despite the size/efficiency differential.

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