Are there tax exemptions for solar power in BC?

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Solar energy is the future. By generating energy from the sun, homeowners and business owners alike are able to insulate themselves from constantly rising hydro prices and reduce a reliance on finite fossil fuels. But making the change to an environmentally friendly energy source does incur an expense before it starts to pay for itself. To help offset a portion of this initial expense, people are asking solar power companies in Victoria: “Are there tax exemptions for solar power in BC?”

There is great news for those living in BC and wanting to switch to a green energy source. To encourage people to become more energy-independent, the provincial government is offering a PST exemption as an incentive. In fact, British Columbia is the only province in the country with a tax break for solar power. This exemption covers solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, wiring, controllers and other related equipment. You can read more about it in detail here.

There is an additional rebate provided for the residents of the city of Nanaimo or District of Lantzville who are upgrading to energy efficient technology, including solar photovoltaic energy in their home. Details are found here.

And, as part of the government’s Accelerated Investment Incentive, businesses can take advantage of Full Expensing for Clean Energy Equipment to make use of a 100% capital cost allowance (CCA). Read more about this, here.

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