How solar panels are integrated into the aesthetic of residential homes

September 24th, 2023 in General Solar Panel Power Topics
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Solar panels are typically easily visible to anyone who sees them. Which is a good thing if you are understandably proud of your investment in renewable energy–an investment which can eliminate your hydro bills at the same time as reducing your dependence on polluting oil and gas.

However, some people are not entirely fond of the look of solar panels. Well, the good news is there is some leeway in choosing a set of solar panels that integrates more fluidly into the aesthetics of your home. And for those building new homes, aesthetics can be worked right into the beginning design stage of a modern home. Furthermore, if you have enough property, they don’t have to be on the roof at all.

Aesthetic solar panel installation choices for residential homes

  • Choose a style/colour of solar panel
  • Choose a location
  • Choose a ground-mounted system

Panel style/colour

There are 3 main types of panels. Each confers a different set of benefits

  • Monocrystalline: most common, most efficient, most durable, more expensive,  black colour
  • Polycrystalline/Multicrystalline: Mid-tier panel, more affordable, a solid choice, blue in colour 
  • Amorphous/Thin-film: Thinnest panel, more flexible, lightweight, cheaper to install, solid black colour that people find very attractive.


Solar panels need to be oriented correctly toward the sun for the best performance. A solar panel installation services company like NetZero Solar will determine the right direction and angle. Beyond those requirements, you can choose where on your roof to place them that best suit your aesthetics. Perhaps more toward the back, or if there are other buildings on the property, perhaps on one not as commonly visible to your eye.

Ground-mounted system

A ground-mounted system is a fantastic option for those properties with enough space. This gets them off the roof and down at ground-level. The whole system can then be fancied up with a little creativity that sees them integrated into a garden space, maybe even as a feature.

These are a few of the options available for getting solar panels integrated into the overall aesthetics of a residential home. Talk to your local Victoria solar solutions company for more ideas or information for your own home.

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