Is solar panel technology improving?

November 23rd, 2021 in General Solar Panel Power Topics
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Since the time solar panels were invented in 1954, through when they became popular in the ‘80s, to now, the technology behind this green energy resource has continued to advance. In fact, photovoltaics is one of the fastest growing techs today. Exciting new developments like increased cell wattage and storage capacity continue the push to make solar panels more efficient, more powerful, and more affordable for Victoria residents.

The ways in which solar panel technology is improving

  • The materials involved in making solar panels are evolving in an effort to boost efficiency. The current range is typically 20-22%, however, recent research has shown that over 25% efficiency is possible with perovskite
  • Wattage capacity of solar cells is also increasing, as is the storage capacity of solar system battery systems.
  • Advances are being made with installation. For example, some types can be arranged like shingles to minimize the parts of a panel not generating energy, and other types, called bifacial solar panels, can collect energy on both sides.
  • Panel coatings to mitigate energy loss from dust or pollution on the panel surface are also improving efficiency.

Advances in automation, production and greater efficiency of material use all drive the cost of panels down, making them an increasingly attractive alternative. In the last decade, residential solar costs dropped significantly (up to 80%), making solar energy production cost-competitive with traditional forms of energy generation like fossil fuels. 

These improvements do more than just increase efficiency and power. They also reduce the payback period. That means once you decide to have solar panels installed in Victoria, the time it takes for your solar system to pay for itself gets shorter and shorter. It also means you’ll be writing off that utility bill that much sooner.

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