Some great Net Zero Solar installations in Victoria, BC

November 22nd, 2023 in General Solar Panel Power Topics
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The most reliable Victoria solar installers will have a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge, and are happy to work with your ideas and needs.

They’ll also be locally based, so they’ll know how building codes, regional weather patterns, and geographic location work into their solar designs and your property.

So when the time comes to look for expert, local, solar panel system consultants, Victoria homeowners, business leaders, and public sector managers come to us.

We work to bring solar-powered, clean-energy systems to people all over Vancouver Island and especially right here in Victoria. We’re passionate about our installations and proud of our work!  This month, we’d like to highlight two of our locally designed solar panel systems.

Victoria Solar Power Home - Lord Nelson

This residential home has an expandable system so it can be added to it over time. It started with 9 high-quality panels and increased another 6 more later. It now generates an estimated annual capacity of nearly 7kWh. It has a rail-less mounting system and a front ‘skirt’ to give it an attractive curb appeal. Not only does the homeowner power their home off this system but their electric vehicle as well.

Torquay Elementary School

District 61’s Torquay Elementary School wanted to highlight the practical aspects of solar energy to its students. So we installed an advanced energy monitoring system that records and displays the amount of energy their solar panels generate and the amount of energy the school consumes. 

Since this was an older building, constructed almost 50 years ago, the roof was not able to hold as much weight as a newer building would. So we mounted the system over the load bearing walls, using a concrete ballast to hold it in place without needing to penetrate the roof. The design also allowed unimpeded access to the school’s HVAC equipment for maintenance and repairs.

We have plenty more examples of our solar power systems installed on new and existing homes, commercial businesses, schools, government buildings and more. Check out our gallery to see systems all over Victoria and stretching up Vancouver Island, including Merville, Courtenay, Comox, Parksville, Campbell River, Royston, & Duncan.

Every project is different. NetZero Solar will design a system that best suits you, taking into account your goals, budget, space, and sunlight. Contact us today. Make your way toward a cleaner and more profitable energy future. 250-516-5932

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