Going Solar With NetZero Solar

What does "going solar" mean?

It means that you are set up to generate energy (electricity) from sunlight. Instead of relying solely on electricity from your local utility, you can produce your own electricity.

By going solar you can protect yourself from ever-rising energy costs, reduce your use of dwindling petroleum resources, and become more energy-independent.

Solar energy is clean, renewable energy that helps you prepare for the future with eco- friendly energy choices.

We at NetZero Solar are local and professional energy advisors, who can help you move toward a renewable energy future.

We have some further information available as noted below.

Victoria Solar Energy Project Process

Is Solar Right for Me?

This is a page discussing the pros and cons of solar energy systems. We talk about all the advantages of using solar energy such as increased property value and more control over your future energy costs. We also mention reasons why you may want to wait to implement a solar energy system, such as being part of a strata, which may restrict your implementation of a solar energy system.

More on if Solar Energy is right for you

Solar Power Return on Investment 

This page goes over the important points on investing in solar energy, and how the return on investment is calculated. We have to look at your current energy use, what that is costing you, and several other factors.

More on Solar Power Return On Investment

Solar Projects Victoria

Full Net Zero Systems 

Here we discuss exactly what a full net zero system is and what it would mean for you or your business. With a full net zero system, you are generating as much energy as you would normally be taking from the grid (your utility company).

More on Full Net Zero Systems

Full System Solar Power

Please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to discuss with you some solar energy options. Let us help you to a cleaner, greener, energy future with solar energy.

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