How Netzero Solar Approaches Solar Systems

Planning for a Solar Energy System

The planning for a solar energy system requires some complex calculations. We will need to talk to you and to visit the location where you want to implement solar energy.

Here are some things we look at:

  • Your location (how much sun you receive).
  • Your roof (what type, age, and angle to the sun).
  • Your property (in case solar panels on the ground are a better solution).
  • Your energy consumption.
  • Your energy bills from your utility.
  • Anticipated increasing energy needs.

Victoria Solar Energy Project Process

Designing a Custom Solar System for Your Needs

Once we have all of that information available to us, then we create a custom design and quote for you. We outline in a transparent fashion all the calculations that we do for your particular project.

We look at what permits are required based on your location and jurisdiction.

We also show you your estimated energy costs from the grid, projected into the future, with and without solar energy.

If you decide to go ahead with your project, then we move forward with the permitting process.

From there, we order the equipment and wait for BC Hydro to approve your installation (usually only a few days).

Once the equipment arrives, we will schedule time for the installation of your equipment.

Finally we will commission the system and provide completion reports to BC Hydro and Technical Safety BC.

Once approved, you can switch on your system and begin watching your meter go backwards!


What if my system fails?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We regularly monitor the systems we have installed. It is likely that by the time you see any issues, we have identified the problem and, if necessary, already started the warranty claim process. Otherwise, we will be in touch or made a note that the particular problem is temporary and will self-correct.

Solar systems can be designed to anticipate future growth in energy needs. You can always increase your number of solar panels and your energy output at a later date.

Contact NeZero Solar today, and talk to us about solar-powered energy solutions for your home or office and how the process works.

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