Victoria Solar Power Home - Lord Nelson

LOCATION: Victoria, BC

Energy offset: 69%

Number of panels: 15

System size: 6.1kW

Estimated Annual Production: 6,932kWh

Project goals: This client is a very strong advocate for climate action and were very motivated to make an environmental impact. Since a large system wasn't their ideal solution up front, they wanted to set themselves up to have an expandable solar panel system that would allow the easy addition of panels over time. At first we installed 9 LG400 watt panels on the front of the house over the garage and when they felt ready to expand, we added 6 more on an extension at the rear of the house.

How it was achieved: We worked with the client to ensure their needs were met. We did this by selecting a micro-inverter system that would provide for easier plug and play expansion than a typical string inverter.

Special considerations Quality was a significant consideration, which was why we selected the LG solar panels and Enphase micro-inverter system. This system would be visible from the road, which is why we decided to use a rail-less mounting system with aesthetic front skirt to give the array an attractive curb appeal.

Other relevant information: This client also drives an Electric Vehicle. They therefore installed an EV charger and can now confidently share that their commutes are fueled by energy from the sun!

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