Victoria Solar Power Home - Sea View

LOCATION: Victoria, BC

Energy offset: 101% (NetZero Energy!)

Number of panels: 32

System size: 9.9kW

Estimated Annual Production: 11,056kWh

Project goals: These Victoria homeowners had watched as a neighbor had solar panels installed on a nearby home. With the neighbour's system complete, this client contacted us to install a similar system on their home, with similar equipment. They particularly wanted to install a cost effective solar panel installation that would blend in to the house as best as possible.

How it was achieved: We worked with the client to select an all black solar panel that would look great from the road. We also used a mounting system that would allow for an attractive front skirt, to further enhance the curb appeal of the solar array.

Special considerations: The client had a few trees in the yard which, at times, would cast some shadows on different parts of the array. This meant the system would need to be optimized so that the energy reduction of certain panels wouldn't cascade through the rest of the system. With cost effectiveness in mind, we therefore installed a SolarEdge string inverter system and power optimizers on every module, allowing each solar panel to independently maximize its power production and isolate it from the shading effects of other panels, similar to the effect of a micro-inverter system. 

Other relevant information: It isn't often that a roof space is ideal or even suitable for a solar panel system that could offset all of the home's electricity needs. This was one of those cases where the home is capable of producing as much power as it consumes, rendering it a Net Zero home!

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