Residential Solar Panel Projects Victoria

Solar energy offers clean, renewable energy for your home. With a solar energy system, you can cut down on your home's electric bills and move toward net zero energy consumption.

By decreasing your household energy needs from the grid, you can be in control of your energy consumption and be free of increasing electricity costs. You can produce your own clean energy.

What is net zero energy?

A net zero energy consumption is when you produce as much energy as you normally use from the grid. So over a year, your net use of grid-sourced energy is zero.

Residential Solar Energy Company Projects Victoria

How do solar panels for your home work?

Solar panels use sunlight to generate Direct Current (DC) power. The DC power is transformed to Alternating Current (AC) with the use of a solar inverter.

Whatever energy is not needed instantaneously in the home flows back to the grid, and you receive a credit from the utility company for later use.

If your home is not tied to the grid (off-grid), then your excess energy is stored in your battery bank for later use.

Solar System Victoria Diagram

Can a solar energy system be designed for future growth?

Absolutely. We can design your system so that you can add panels as time goes by and your energy use or budget increases.

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