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What we Do

In general, what we do is design, supply, and install solar systems to provide clean renewable energy for all kinds of residential and commercial applications throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. We provide turn-key solutions to projects that are large and small.

Here is some brief information about the types of solar projects we at NetZero Solar do, and there are links to pages that will provide more detailed information about each one.

Commercial Solar Power Installations

Businesses can require substantial amounts of electricity. We install solar systems to cut back on your energy costs or give you a net zero energy use. Read about our commercial solar projects.

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View of commercial solar project

Residential Solar Power

Homes can use solar energy to reduce the energy use and cost of electricity from the grid. If you are a home owner, here is more information about residential applications.

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NetZero Home Solar Panel

EV Charging Stations

An EV charging station is permanently installed equipment used to recharge an electric vehicle for a fast rate of charge.

Solar Charging Stations

The Solar Power Installation Process

On our Process page, we talk about how we approach exploring a solar energy solution for your energy use. You can learn about what goes into the design and the calculations.

Every project is different, and every project is customized for you and your home. For a look at some of our projects, have a look at our Solar Power Installations page.

solar process

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