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Solar Panel Installation Experts in Victoria

We had a fantastic experience working with Prisym [Netzero Solar] when they installed an 8.4 kWh solar system on our roof. From the initial consultation to permitting to installation and finally solar generation, every step was seamless. We would not hesitate to recommend Prisym [Netzero Solar] Renewable Developments to anyone thinking about installing a net-zero consumption system to improve their home.

- Deb Hardy

I was so pleased with Prisym's [Netzero Solar] expertise, knowledge and speed that the system went up. The results so far this year have been perfect. The solar panels have knocked a big hole in our hydro bill. The last 2 months have only cost us $15.11!

We would absolutely recommend Prisym [Netzero Solar]. They are reliable and on time with their promises. Anyone who wants to see the system, please come by and have a look from the park behind us!

- David Erskine

From the initial assessment of our home for a solar installation to the point that our BC Hydro net-metering smart meter began running backwards (indicating that we are now delivering energy into the grid) this was a very positive experience.

- Allen Banner

Kyrle took the time to walk us through the project proposal so that we had a good understanding of what our investment was going to do for us. In the installation itself, the whole crew was professional, respectful, efficient, and fun. They even eradicated a wasp nest from our attic!

- Megan Ardyche

There is no detail too small for Kyrle and his team. Kyrle is very approachable and is exceptional at consulting with home owners to ensure they get the very best results and are happy with the end product. He cares a great deal about what he is doing. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and symmetry. He and his team are very respectful of the homeowners and a very hard working team of professionals.

- T. Columnbine

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