Making the most of your Victoria home's solar panels this spring & summer

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Have you heard? Right now is your best time to generate free electricity in BC!

Solar power installation companies in Victoria are gearing up for a busy spring and summer season. With winter behind us and the sun getting stronger, you'll definitely want to get a jump on harnessing all the free solar energy coming over the next several months. 

While it’s true we get a lot of rain here, all is not doom and gloom when it comes to solar energy. Even on cloudy days over the winter, electricity is still generated because light from the sun still reaches solar panels. But, if you’re looking to maximize the amount of energy a solar system generates, now is the time. 

For the months of May through September solar panels collect triple the amount of solar irradiance.That’s 3-times more than they do in December. Wondering what that would mean for your home? Simply contact a residential solar panel company in Victoria for the answer.

Here at NetZero Solar, we look at the number and type of solar panels you’d have in a design customised exactly for your needs. We also look at the direction and pitch of your roof, the amount of tree cover, plus a few other things. The estimate we provide to you is based on your current consumption and projected future needs. And it’s completely free-of-charge.

However, you can also get a general idea by looking at the Solar Rooftop tool supplied by the City of Victoria. It lists the potential kilowatt hours available for your address in Victoria.

So don’t wait any longer to take advantage of a strong summer sun with triple the output of solar irradiance. The earlier you start, the more free electricity you’ll generate and the more you'll save.

Contact NetZero Solar for more information on a customised solar panel installation for your home. 250-516-5932. Start saving now!

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